Starting Agile Development of Systems – The Top 5 Questions

Erstellt am 15 Januar 2019
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There is an increasing interest in developing hardware and systems in an agile way. In October 2018, the participants of the Agile Systems Conference in Munich (ASK) discussed some of the most interesting questions within an Open Space.

Agile Development of Hardware and Systems

Agile Systems Engineering (agile SE) is a hot topic in the development community. One the one hand, many people doubt if agile development is possible not only for software but also for hardware and systems. On the other hand, companies like WIKISPEED, SAAB, MAGURA, BLUNK Electronic etc. already build cars, aircrafts, e-mobility components and printed circuit boards in an agile way and with great success.

Open Space Results

The ASK offered an Open Space to discuss questions and topics of participants. The following top 5 questions were discussed. The results reflect approaches when starting agile SE:

3+3=1,5: Mathematik für Projektmanager

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Was passiert, wenn der zugesagte Endtermin eines Projektes zu platzen droht? Wir versuchen, den Termin zu retten, indem wir einfach noch mehr Leute in das Projekt stecken. „Wir schießen mit Ressourcen auf Projekte“ – so nannte ein Kunde dieses Verhalten kürzlich.